Great expectations

I’m sure a lot of people feel that buying plane tickets and booking a hotel is all the holiday planning they need. Then they can think of what to see and do once they’re at their destination – there’s no hurry. But I couldn’t do that at all!

I LOVE spending many long winter evenings poring over maps, reading about my holiday destination and planning what we should see and do there – I think it’s probably half the fun for me. So when I tell you that I’ve been dreaming about this trip for at more that ten years you can probably guess that I’ve spent a lot of time working my way through a pile of guide books, surfing on the internet and putting (a lot) of little red dots on a map of the USA.

So where are we going then?

We started out thinking that we wanted to drive all the way across the States from coast to coast. But we soon skipped that idea. For one thing we’ve already been on road trips on the east coast and the west coast (you will be able to read more about those trips later on this blog, because we had some wonderful home exchange experiences there). For another we didn’t think it would give us time enough to see much on the way if we were to drive that far. So we’ve ended up with a route that’ll start in Chicago and zigzag westwards through Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana to Yellowstone National Park and from there through Idaho, Utah  and Colorado where we’ll fly home from Denver after 4 weeks on the road!


I’ve tried to draw our route here – it does zigzag quite a bit, but that’s because we want to see so many interesting places, for example where Danish and other immigrants settled when they came to the States. Places such as Elk Horn in Iowa, which became almost cult in Denmark a few years ago after a TV programme about the town and their “Danish” traditions, and Viborg, South Dakota, where we happen to pass by just in time for their Danish Days festival. We are going to see a lot of fantastic landscapes and wildlife e.g. in Badlands, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, but also endless fields of corn, the wild west – or what’s left of it – and lots and lots of road! I can’t wait!


Here you can see some of the books which have inspired us to choose this route. We have also found a lot of ideas and tips on the internet, especially on René René is a Danish guy who has done a lot of road trips in the States and writes about them on his website. He shares a lot of inspiration, tips and advice. In the spring he also hosted two road trip events in Copenhagen and Aarhus where we got to meet him (and many other roadtrippers) and got some great suggestions from him for our route.

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