Days 22-23: Danish-American “hygge” in Salt Lake City

At the weekend we took a little vacation from our vacation and just hung out with our good friends, Carolyn og Scott. Friday night we had gone up to a campground in the Uinta National Forest and had stayed the night in their tent up there. A local marathon which took place VERY early the next morning down the road just past our tent made sure we didn’t waste the day sleeping! Carolyn had brought American Danish breakfast: small doughnuts and an “authentic Danish”, which turned out to be something a little like the “Kringle” our mothers would bake for afternoon coffee.

An "authentic Danish"
An “authentic Danish”

We packed up the tent and drove home to Cedar Hills, the Salt Lake City suburb where our friends live, and then spent the rest of the morning clearing out all the mess in our car and doing some laundry – necessary chores on a road trip. In the afternoon Ole borrowed Carolyn’s bicycle and went for a ride along a very nice new bike path on top of a covered canal.

The evening was spent talking about Carolyn’s time as an exchange student in Denmark, our earlier visits to the family (this was our fourth) and our and their children – Carolyn og Scott have six (+ four grandchildren), but only the two youngest still live at home.

Sunday the family (who are Mormons) went to church to find out who was going to be their new bishop (a job given to the men of the ward in turns). Carolyn and Scott thought it would probably be their neighbour which turned out to be true. 90-95 % of the people living in this area are Mormons, so a lot of the social life here revolves around the church. We took the opportunity to have a lie in and talk to our children back home.

Carolyn wanted to cook us the ultimate American meal, so we had  a thanksgiving dinner in July! Turkey, stuffing, mash, gravy, green beans and corn, but the pumpkin pie had been replaced by a summerly peach pie. Then it was time for opening little presents. Everywhere we’ve stayed we have brought little gifts, Danish design, small books about Denmark or about Danish food. Here, among other things, it was caps with Danish flags, a “hoptimist”, LEGO salt and pepper shakers and a couple of Danish children’s books for Carolyn to read to her grandchildren. After all the good food Ole needed another bike ride, and later their son, Lars (named after his Danish ancestor) and his family came for a visit. The rest of the evening was spent on the patio where the temperature was nice and cool after another hot day.

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