Day 16: Cody

Sunday morning we went into Cody again to see the rest of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, but decided instead to start with the town’s small open air museum, before the day got too hot. Old Trail Town, which it was called, consisted of small houses and cabins moved here from different places in Wyoming and rebuilt to resemble Cody in the early years. There were old shops, workshops and cabins with fun stories about the people that had lived in them, among them Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid and their gang. There was also a small cemetery with graves for some of these people, for example Jeremiah Johnson, whom Hollywood also made a film about.

At the Buffalo Bill Historical Center we saw a great collection of paintings inspired by the old west as well as an interesting exhibition about Indian culture.

Before we went back to the house we stopped by a Sierra Trading Post outlet and bought some clothes at good prices. In the afternoon we watched Dan shoe a couple of their horses himself.

Dan shoeing horses
Dan shoeing horses

In the evening we had wanted to go to a country music show that Deb and Dan recommended, but that wasn’t on on Sundays, so instead we took our hosts to dinner at the historial Irma hotel, which Bill Cody built and named after his daughter. The hotel was really nice with an impressive mahogany bar given to Cody by Queen Victoria, who loved his Wild West shows. There was also a large collection of hunting trophies which Dan was very enthusiastic about, as he himself is an eager hunter, mostly with a bow and arrow, and Deb and Dan has their own collection of trophies on their living room wall. Some of the animals Dan has shot in Wyoming and some of them are from their beloved Africa.

Deb just shoots with her camera, but showed us some nice photo books she had made from their travels. Back st the house we sat outside in the lovely summer evening and admired all the stars in the Wyoming sky. There are hardly any flyes or mosquitoes here in spite of a small pond just below the house. It was interesting to talk to Deb and Dan who were interested in many different things and knew a lot.

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